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Typical Buckskinner: I Make Stuff.
(I also make music, but that's another page.)

When I'm feeling particularly patient, I make porcupine quillwork.
First you pluck a porcupine.
He's got thousands and thousands of quills, which you must wash and sort and dye.
After all that you get to carefully sew them onto the buckskin.

Here's a knife sheath I made.
    And here's a pouch:    

And here's another pouch:

Brain-tan is amazing stuff.
If you think leather is hot and sticky to wear, this will change your mind.
They say every animal has enough brains to tan its own hide.
This ancient method of tanning produces a soft, strong buckskin that breathes.
It's lots of work to do - and worth the effort!

Here's a picture of me making (and wearing) braintan buckskin.  
I make jewelry in both centuries. These are porcupine quill earrings and a set of choker and matching earrings.

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